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3 November
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I'm chelsey, and i'm 16 and i'll be 17 on november 3. I'm a junior in high school and I'm a colorguard, winterguard, i play soccer ((womens, indoor/winter, coed, summer)), run track, i'm in show choir, concert choir & I'm teachers assistant for mixed choir. I'm in concert band, I play the flute. I want to be a music teacher, I'm really not a band dork, i just love music & am very deticated to it. I drive a 93' dodge spirit but its my baby. I dont need to get a job, although my parents said they will buy me a BMW if i do get a job... they want me to be a big girl.. its not like we dont have the money. I have a boyfriend, his name is Mat, i love him so much, he completes me. My best friend is amanda.. shes my twin & we're together constantly, attached at the hip is what everyone says. My other best friends are kelly, megan, stephanie, jon, stamati & scottro.. i dont know where i would be without them. I'm really outspoken & i dont care what anyone thinks about me. some say that is my best quality, some say its my worse. whatever, i love who i am, and if you dont... that sucks. :P

You wish you were me. I'm Chelsey, a Junior at Parma Senior High School. I love dancing, emo, Harry Potter, and my boyfriend mat. As a member of the left, I have to say FUCK BUSH. As for music, Something Corporate is still the only band that matters.

the bOy
Mat.. what can i say? He makes me happier than i have ever been in my life, his smile makes me melt.. everything about him is awesome. He never lets me down, we're perfect for eachother. we're going to move to england and get married at stamford bridge because the soccer team chelsea plays there & my name is chelsey. :) his family is my family, his 2 brothers are like brothers of my own, and they look after me like a sister. His parents are awesome and wow i just love everything about our relationship. we're so close, we click so well.. i broke up with my boyfriend of 6 months to be with mat, because i kept fighting it that i was in love with him. finally i grew to accept it and told myself to stop faking it, and dumped my boyfriend. Mat ended up telling me the next day he was in love with me, little did we both know we felt the same.. i thought he just really liked me, and i had been telling my mom i was in love with him or i thought so. it all happened at the right time.. we're perfect. and it all started one day talking about the juliana theory.. :) I LOVE YOU BABY!

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i am the Biggest Andrew McMahon Fan ever ((thanks for the kiss babe))

brian ireland & i are sweeties!

if i gave you pretty enough words, could you paint a picture of us that works.